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1965 Austin 1100 - The Vehicles


Produced: Types:
1963-1974, 1119800 produced. ((including 1300))
Saloon, 2 doors, 4 seats
Saloon, 4 doors, 4 seats
Station Wagon
Essentially a badge engineered version of the highly acclaimed Morris 1100 saloon launched one year earlier, the Austin 1100 version made its first debut in 1963. The Austin followed the normal pattern of in-house BMC "badge engineering" which for the Austin version of the 1100 meant the trademark "wavy" Austin grille, badges and a unique dashboard featuring a "strip" speedometer. Designed by Mini designer Sir Alec Issigonis the 1100 range all shared the same basic mechanical design, Austin and Morris versions both shared the same transverse mounted 1098cc A series engine. The Hydrolastic suspension design was also utilised in the Austin variant, this revolutionary design gave the 1100 ride nether before experienced in a small family car. In 1967 the 1100 received a facelift which included redesigned rear lights and for the first time, a two door body style and a "Countryman" estate version. Production finished in 1974, by which time nearly 1,200,000 cars had been built.


Capacity Config Model Bore/Stroke CR
1098cc S4 OHV BMC A-Series
62.93mm x 83.72mm

Drivetrain and Suspension

Drivetrain Steering Suspension Front Rear
Independent/Hydolastic suspension
Independent/Hydolastic suspension


Top Speed 0-60 SQM MPG Engine Pwr Comment
80mph 24s
35mpg 48bhp @5100

For more info on the BMC 1100, see:

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